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Yes, I’m Yesim Arzu Avcioglu and I live for interior design.
I discovered my instinctive feel for beauty very young, when I experimented intuitively with fabrics and accessories. I was able to perfect this natural skill in the use of colour, shape and texture over the course of my career. Everything started with my education at Munich creative interior design house, Casamöbel. My career quickly became my calling. Today, I have the pleasure to advise clients of over 20 years’ standing and to expand based on their personal recommendations.

Each collaborative project takes a shape as unique as the character of an individual person. With great sensitivity, I translate my clients’ preferences and characteristics into materials, furniture, accessories and personal objects, which reflect the resident’s inner self. In order to facilitate an optimal implementation of the desired spatial concept, I assume responsibility for the expert construction consultancy as early as the planning stage, delivering valuable input which ensures conditions ideally suited to the later interior design. I am grateful for the depth of my clients’ trust, which often allows me to take the burden of an optimal design decision from their shoulders.

In the creation of an interior, I pay careful attention to the story each piece of furniture has to tell and the connection the owners have to it, establishing deliberate light points and balanced colour palettes to generate a harmonious atmosphere. The combination of different cultures, too – from Arabian through Far Eastern to Scandinavian – represents a significant element in creating the desired spatial experience.

My goal is to create a home which feels like a third skin. A place where one can be at peace and throw parties – a place of endless comfort and wellbeing.



Every project begins with a good conversation.

A personal relationship with my clients is the foundation on which we develop a growing working relationship. I want to get to know you, what you want and expect, in order to guide and advise you appropriately.

Wherever you might live or your new home might be, I welcome the chance to realise your project with you, wherever that might be around the world. 

How I design your home.

After we have discussed our initial vision for the desired style, follows the meeting with the architect, to determine the fundamental materials for both the exterior and interior designs.

This is when all the details are discussed – such as the electrics and the lighting in all living and sleeping areas, to the bathroom and, of course, the heart of the house, the design of the kitchen. During this, I also consider possible additions for home entertainment, keyless access to the home and establish a timeline, together with the architect, for the punctual completion of the individual building stages.

After a consensus has been reached, I present to you the complete interior design concept. A floorplan with digital collages of possible models helps us with the visualisation of your project and serves as the basis for our next meeting in the selected furniture store. There I present to you the materials I have picked out, with great inspiration and sensitivity.

You are an important part of my creative process.

We stay in touch and communicate repeatedly, throughout the entire course of our collaboration.

My goal is always to create an image in your mind of your future living space, so that we are both pursuing the same vision of your home.

All you have to do, is to turn your assignment over to me.

I organise delivery and installation, coordinate the contactors, ensure smooth progression of the work and timely completion. Ultimately, you only have one thing you have to do: Come home.

Interior consulting:


Upon completion of the contract:

Full payment of the agreed project fee.


Each and every one of my interior design projects is unique and reflects all the wishes and requirements of my clients, as well as my own personal aesthetic. Together we create the space in which they feel at home, in a new environment, from the very first moment on.

“Yesim is a perfect and extraordinarily competent interior decorator. She has a fine feel for colours and shapes. She pursues her goal in a very constructive way, but still understood how to incorporate our wishes and requirements throghout. Her intuition is sure and her expertise at a high level. She communicates her visions and projects so that, even with limited imagination, one can imagine what the project will be like. We felt very comfortable with her open, diplomatic and natural way of doing things. For us, it was a huge stroke of luck to design our entire new apartment with Yesim.”

Bert and Suzanne


Yesim has an unbeatable positive energy, is full of new, inspiring ideas, with terrific taste, detailed and very reliable. And not to forget, a great friend!“


“Thank you, Yesim. When we had our first chat, I felt that the chemistry between us worked and that I was in the best possible hands. I was thrilled by the combination of her expertise and the wealth of her ideas. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her creativity seems boundless. We found harmonious solutions to my request and they exceeded what I could imagine. The best thing to come from that first meeting; a beautiful friendship began, that will guide me through future projects.”



I very much want to pass on my 20 years of experience in the creation of spatial concepts and interior design to my clients and other interested people. In my personal seminars you can acquire fundamental knowledge and industry insights, to be able to design well yourselves in the future, happily also in collaboration with me.

Interior Design Seminar

A 3-part workshop, in which I give you insights into the design process, from planning to the implementation. What must already be considered in the architecture, how do I proceed with the design of an interior and what is most important in the implementation?

I   Architecture/ construction-related topics/ materials
II  Reading a floor plan/ design/ colour theory and lighting
III Implementation/ recommended companies and trade fairs

5 to maximum 9 participants
9:00-18:30 with breaks and catering
Location to be decided depending on the participants

Working materials will be provided and are yours to keep. I recommend you bring your own floor plan, if you have one, as a basis for your work.

Seminar: 460 Euro per participant
Materials: 35 Euro



Things collect over the years, in everyday life and career. Here is where I offer a helping hand, for you to restore clarity and an uncluttered foundation for yourself.

The content is structured according to your individual needs, after an initial viewing and conversation.

  • Decluttering of furniture and accessories, to establish clear focus in the interior design
  • Reorganisation of kitchen and wardrobe
  • Packing, storage and disposal
  • Purposeful shopping
  • Options to keep your environment clean
  • Assistance in digitalisation

Should you wish to, we can follow up with new interior design or expansion, after you have had time to settle again

After an initial viewing, project fees will be discussed, according to the work involved.


Seen, liked, bought

You like going furniture shopping yourself, but want to maintain clear vision in the turmoil of trade fairs and negotiate the best purchase price? I can accompany you to the world’s largest furniture trade fair in Milan or ‘Maison & Objet‘ in Paris, where we can gain an overview of the latest interior design trends and ‘bolt things down’ on the spot, should you wish.

I’d be happy to organise travel, accommodation and entrance tickets for you, as well as provide tips onsite.

Exact costs after a personal conversation and clarification of the length of the stay.


Explanation to domestic staff

Special furniture requires special care to retain its beauty over time. For this reason I offer to your domestic staff an introduction in the careful and sustainable treatment of sensitive materials.

  • Demonstration of the ideal care of your new furniture
  • Starter-kit of suitable cleaning products
  • Information on sources selling the most suitable care products












„My mission is to combine people and beautiful objects in harmony.“

– Yesim


To realise my visions, I choose furniture from selected brands – from known international manufacturers to small workshops, to unique pieces found on trips all around the world.

I remain closely linked to Seipp Wohnen, the house where I gained many years’ experience and with which I work closely to this day.


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